Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A whole lot of l-o-n-g shades

I see I haven't posted since last Friday- but not because we haven't been working- au contraire!- it was Long Shade Week as you can see from the picture of a bunch of shades in various stages of readiness for delivery.  Three are balloon shade valances the longest of which is 103"; one is hobbled with Rollease 90" x 80"; and two are flat blackout romans with reverse mount Rollease 100" x 80". 
On Monday the storm knocked the power out here at the studio for much of the afternoon.  The blackout shade rings are all sewn on by hand, so we really didn't lose too much time thanks to the long wall of windows here- there was enough light to sew by hand.   Hurray for (s)low-tech!
There are a number of techniques for creating custom blackout window treatments; the technique chosen for the two blackout shades is Bella Notte Classico blackout lining, hand-sewn rings to make the smallest and fewest needle holes, and "goop" painted onto the holes to minimize light bleeding through the holes.  Yes, "goop" is the official industry name for the gloppy blackout paint that is supposed to fill in the needle holes!

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