Monday, January 4, 2010

Reverse Mount Shades

Well, I'm not going to show everything we've been working on today, because it's just too much, and the workroom is unimaginably messy. But tomorrow it'll all be finished, I hope, and I can show it all then.
We did get this shot of one of the shades. This is called a reverse mount clutch lift. The shade is mounted to the back of the board so the bead loop control can be in the front of the shade to make it easier to lift. Normally the bead loop goes behind the shade. Tomorrow valances will go on 7 of these and then they'll be done.
Isn't this a gorgeous fabric??? My favorite color combo- clashing red, orange, hot pink, coral, and purply mauve. The red is INTENSE!

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  1. wow-never saw those before- you aught to have an engineering degree!