Saturday, January 16, 2010

What goes around comes around.....

.....or, making a round tableskirt with shirred jumbo welt.
I took a lot of pictures thinking I'd sort of practice writing a tutorial.  But that turned out to be really tedious!.... blogs are just not the place for that.  It would take forever just to get the pictures where I want them.  (If ever)

So here are a few pictures of the process.

I always cut welting strips using a rotary cutter and mat.  That's because I taught myself pillow-making right around when I was doing strip-piece quilting.  I transferred techniques I learned in the quiltmaking process to my custom pillow business, which was my breaking-in to becoming a custom window treatment workroom.  I think I made probably 5 or 6 thousand pillows in those 10 years..... not to mention a couple thousand boxed and welted cushions.... and that was my part-time job!..... I had to get good at it, and fast.
The fabric is shirred up on the jumbo cording 12" at a time.  It's fun to do.  For this tableskirt I need 9 yards of finished cording, so I cut about 24 yards of 5"-wide bias fabric strip and  I wound up using every inch of it.
And that is just about all I'm going to say today about shirred jumbo welting!


  1. 5 or 6 thousand pillows !!!!! That is impressive.

  2. seriously. I figured it out once. To this day I dread making even a single pillow, but once I start doing it it's okay.