Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do we work 7 days a week???....

......Well, no! But sometime we work odd times.
Sometimes early in the morning, or late at night, or the weekend.
You know how if you work for yourself you can make your own hours..... ha. More like, you can work every hour and never be done.
It is not a hardship when you really love what you do, and I love sewing, and I love sewing window treatments. If I weren't doing that, I'd be sewing anyhow, in my spare time.
In fact while cleaning up today I gathered a little stash of fabrics I'll be using in my kitchen. I made Roman shades from the animal print and have a couple of little things to make that I'll piece using this collection.

My friend is back today sewing 4 Roman shades for her home. She's a great seamstress and we enjoy working together on our own projects helping each other out.
She's working on a gorgeous Nina Campbell print- banded on 3 sides with (naturally!) mitered corners.
But here she is taking a break. She wore shoes today that match her project.
While she's been sewing, I've been continuing the cleaning process. Does this look clean and organized? Ha, maybe not to you, but it's awesomely clean and organized compared to yesterday!
This side of the studio is where I cut fabric, and do all the stapling of the sewn treatments. These shelves hold all the tools- measuring & cutting fabric, as well as all the power tools. You can't see the cutting table to the right and until I finish cleaning up, you're not gonna. Under that table is the compressor for the staple gun.

Believe it or not, we'll probably be back tomorrow- Sunday- to keep this flow going............................

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