Friday, January 1, 2010

What are we working on today?

Well, here it is, New Year's Day 2010, and my first post to my new blog- a Tabula Rasa.

I love this black fabric with the ribbon embroidery. I guess it's cheating to use this project to answer the question, "What are we working on today?" because we ac
tually made it yesterday. But today it's being packed and delivered, so I'll let it count. We made this hobbled shade as well as a shower curtain.
Today we'll be working on more hobbled shades, and I'll try to remember to take a few photographs of the fabrication process.

Here are the front door and back door to my workroom, Leatherwood Design Co, where we fabricate window treatments and other soft fabric goods. The little shade on the back door was a temporary shade we made for a client while waiting for her back-ordered fabric.

My blog posts will be answering the question, "what are we working on today?" The work may be professional, or it may be personal. One thing for sure, it'll keep me working!


  1. great beginning
    happy new year

  2. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your projects, both professional and personal.