Friday, January 22, 2010

Look Ma, no foot!

A lot of our sewing is done by hand, but certainly not all.  Rings for shades are sometimes sewn by hand and sometimes by machine, depending on the fabric, whether the style of the shade will hide the stitches, and how much our backs and hands hurt that day.  And sometimes a project just must get finished, and the sewing machine speeds up the process somewhat, though less than you might think.
Anyhow, today's shade rings are being sewn by machine, and for some reason I haven't gotten to the bottom of yet, the needle keeps hitting the foot.  After fiddling and testing and altering and fussing, I decided to try sewing without the foot - - - -  it worked!  another AHA moment!  The foot just gets in the way and slows things down.  It's completely unnecessary for sewing rings.  Who knew.

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