Friday, January 8, 2010

FAB FABRIC FRIDAY- The Most Fabulous Fabric In The World!

This burnout sheer, Larsen's "Winter Trees," is by far the most beautiful fabric in the world today! Our client has asked us to make Roman shades from this fabric, and oddly enough, just two weeks ago we made 4 flat drapery panels from the same fabric for a different client.
Can't get too much of this!
A fabric like this is sewn entirely by hand except for the pocket for the weight bar, and will have clear rings that we'll attach by hand as well.
This is the sort of fabric that is a joy to work with! Actually I should say we work FOR this fabric, not with it. A nice stable cotton print is pleasant to work with in a different way- one that is well behaved and knows its place. This sheer, however, is a star and demands luxury treatment, and we're glad to pamper it.

Today began the dreaded studio clean-up. Lots of little things to go through, sort out, and re-organize. The window of opportunity is small for this kind of re-arranging- it must be done between projects, when all the fabrics can be put into hiding while we storm through. A January event, or not til next year!


  1. Love, love, love your blog! You are on my "must read" list every day.


  2. hey nice to find you and i am quite interested in your take on craftmanship on a porfessional level. i worked in a big company for years where made better was always overshadowed by profit making. very depressing.