Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Trees shades

While packing these shades up for delivery this morning, I remembered that I hadn't ever photographed them finished.  I love this shot, taken at the front door of my hallway, for the 4 winter tree images- the fabric with sun shining through it, the fabric without sun shining through, its shadow on the wall, and real winter trees outdoors.
You can see that this fabric is quite sheer yet an effective screen.  It seems so delicate but is really pretty tough- it's a blend of viscose, linen, and poly.
Hand-sewing it is kind of like trying to sew a tree, it's that tough.  The only machine stitching on these shades are the two rows forming the pocket for the weight bar.  
This is the first shade we've made using the new EZ-Release rings by Rowley.

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