Saturday, January 2, 2010

More on Hobbled Shades

Well, here we are, the shades are ready to be stapled and strung. See the big mess on the right? That's the shades with the tapes and rings all sewn.
For this order of 3 shades, there were a total of 1
38 rings to be sewn.
Does that sound tedious?!?!? You bet it is!
How do I do it?
Well, it helps to have a great audio library.
My Van Morrison collection alone would take about 7 hours to listen through. Go to the bathroom, go open iTunes, get the phone and a cup of coffee and a bottle of water next to you, sit down at the sewing machine, and start listening to a song. Listen to another song. Another. And when it just seems you can't sew on another ring, tell yourself that at the very least you can listen to one more song!
By the time Van gets to "Comfortably Numb," the last song in an album that begin
with a "V" and therefore at the end of the collection- you've done it!

Here you see a closeup of the pockets for ribs which give the shade the ease of function that makes a hobbled shade worthwhile. I don't know if you can see or not, but I've numbered the rows with that magic purple disappearing ink pen. That's to help keep track while sewing the rings. Do you wonder if we ever miss a row? skip a mark on the tape? Forget the last ring? Oh yeah, you know it happens. The numbers help, as long as you remember the last number you did.

I believe that the universe is just numbers
, manifested in an infinite number of ways. And when you take a bunch of numbers and apply them to fabric in the pattern of a hobbled shade, you eventually create order out of the chaos.....

Here are the 3 shades- laid out on the table ready for stapling and stringing!
Not today, though. Enough already!
What's for dinner?

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